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Tips for researching early German Callsigns

The list of the German Funk-Kartell (DokuFunk Wien) is a good survey about radio associations that existed at the time.

For those radio clubs, which later devoted themselves to ham radio, callbooks provide further information. As an example, here is probably the first list of purely German (hamradio) stations from 1925 “Wer gibt? Die Radiosender der Welt” (Günther & Culatti)

and the 1927 callbook in 1927 in der “Radio für alle”.
Further, callbooks for different later years up to 1945 are available on Dr. Eckart Viehl‘s website or in german calls in the foreign sections of US callbooks 1932-1939 and 1949-1959

! The magazines „FUNK“ and „Funk-Bastler“ starting in 1924 are HERE ONLINE !

Online databases:


Digital german amateur radio history

Various digitization and database projects assembled call sign data with QSLs and other original archive material from 100 years of German amateur radio. (see CQ DL issue 6/2022; pages 48-50 or, for the full article, click the image or this link Beitrag als PDF)



See also the “Wireless Who Was Who in the Weimar Republic (full title: Who Was Who in the Aether of the Weimar Republic? Tracing the Callbooks That Never Existed). A project by  Friedrich T. Sommer K6EE, Steffen Hamperl DM6WAN and Gerd Hoyer DJ1GE, sk 2023.

To open the website for the Who Was Who please click HERE or click on the image above.

The search in the document itself (full original title: Who Was Who in the Aether of the Weimar Republic? Tracing the Callbooks That Never Existed) is done with “CTRL+F” or by clicking on the magnifying glass.









The DM6WAN database “Digital DE-List” can be accessed HERE .

(Tips for SEARCHING and record selection are illustrated in the following image)

By searching of DE-numbers (with Strg+F) use only the number without “DE”!


Callsigns in the Weimar Republic: Callsign Key (DokuFunk Wien)