Sprint awards March with new images motifs

Over the next few days we will support the development of the final award points for the February sprint awards with targeted offers, before the starting signal for the new series of March awards with (of course…) new images motifs is given on Friday. (refer to the DARC report from February 28th and the DARC circular post from February 29, 2024)

We understand that many award hunters now want to earn these diplomas not only in March per se, but also as quickly as possible. But please don’t let this lead to the exaggerated expectation that all SES must now be represented 24 hours a day and as if at the same time on all bands and in all modes. We all lead a different life outside of amateur radio… So please keep your expectations fair.

Many see the highlight in the marathon awards. That’s the intention. But please don’t forget here too – there is still time for the marathon awards until May 31st, 2024!