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100FK – the Hamradio Event 2024 on the occasion of the foundation of the German Funk-Kartell 100 years ago

Preliminary remark: There was a great response to the SES campaigns “60ANT” and “90TJU” with different activated special callsigns. During the campaign around the 90th anniversary of the first flight of the Ju52/3m alone, a total of 69.196 radio calls were made and 5.459 awards (to final report) were handed out free of charge by the participating stations in the period 01.03.2022 and 30.06.2022. See also The consistently positive feedback on the aforementioned actions have “inspired” us to start a new project for 2024, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Foundation of the German Funk-Kartell 100 Years ago… an anniversary promotion from January 1st, 2024 to May 31st, 2024 / Audio introduction

To the full broadcast in the Radio-DARC archive.

Overview of the dQSL of all the SES-Teams /special event stations (more on this…)

This time, too, we offer a balanced mixture of history for the occasion and a new hamradio event adapted to the requirements of the time (ecological as well as financial) with an online award programme that can again be used free of charge.

More about the German Funk-Kartell and the successes of its radio clubs.

Why this anniversary?

We are following the memory of the first broadcast of German radio on October 29th 1923, but our focus is on the broad audience that was still missing at that time. It was not until the power of associations of “radio hobbyists”, already organised throughout Germany, was pooled in the German Funk-Kartell (see History) that entertainment radio made its breakthrough (to fig. Success chart). The clubs united in the German Funk-Kartell were often also the birthplace of today’s amateur radio in their region. Many of the early protagonists were or became radio amateurs. This early broadcasting- and radioclubs of that time and today’s DARC local associations can refer to common historical roots in many places.The start of entertainment broadcasting in Germany and the founding of the German Funk-Kartell three months later (on January 24, 1924) are directly linked.

The Hamradio Event 100FK 2024

a) The hamradio event with award-program directly

Various special event stations (SES) with the anniversary suffix “100FK” will commemorate the 18 months of successful work of the German Funk-Kartell throughout Germany. (More in Teams) They will all be a worldwide reminder of this unique, broad-based training and foundation offensive of German radio and wireless clubs from 100 years ago.The special hamradio highlight, however, is to work as many of these SES of the 100FK radio event as possible (with 100FK suffix and others like DM1ØØMW and DR1ØØPE) in different modes and on different bands, which is the basis for a challenging online award programme.

b) Historical regional research

On a regional level, the early broadcasting- and radioclubs, which ultimately qualified every citizen as a radio listener in those years, are still largely unknown. Therefore, we want to encourage interested people in the local clubs to do local research. (Notes on a local research and the database access to historical DE-Numbers and QSL-cards)

A reflection of these former achievements in the local media as well as the online publications (“Digital Bequests”) should be quite suitable to further promote our hobby, modern amateur radio.


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