We confirm only digitally (as per suggestion of IARU Resolution 18-1).

Please also support IARU Resolution 18-1 / Seoul – September 2018
Quelle: website IARU, The IARU QSL Bureau System

Each SES operator uploads his log to the 100FK logbook/diploma server promptly (usually immediately after his respective operation).

In individual cases, there may still be a delay of up to 24 hours for administrative reasons, which must be taken into account when querying logs/diploma points. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The upload to database eQSL, LotW, Clublog and DCL takes place with a time delay.

dQSL  (downloadable QSL)

An optional download QSL (dQSL) is offered for every QSO entry on our logbook server. In this case, you can download an automatically generated QSL from the logbook (dQSL) and, if desired, print it out yourself (approx. 9 cm x 14 cm).

Please send no paper QSL to our SES! We don’t collect! In this way, you help to save costs and especially resources. Thanks


All SWL reports are generally only processed via the 100FK website. This also applies to applying for one of the 100FK diplomas.

The SWL reports are entered via a form field directly on our logbook/diploma server (on the 100FK.de website)

The SWL enters the QSO data there manually. To do this, the SWL must first register once in order to receive a password for corresponding personal access.

dQSL for SWL

A QSL confirmation for SWL is generally only carried out here via our website. For every audio report automatically recognized by our logbook server, a downloadable QSL (dQSL) is offered by our 100FK-SES.

Plase note: For a valid log entry a SWL has to name two consecutive remote stations (in wkd)