SWL Application for Award

With password to SWL log entry at the end of this page!

Password request and access SWL server logbook

All SWL-reports are only processed via the 100FK website. This also applies to the application for the 100FK awards and for downloading of dQSL.

The SWL enters the QSO data there manually. To do this, the SWL must first register once in order to receive a password for a personal access.

Where can I get the password?

Please let us know your SWL call sign in the contact form. We will then create your login and send you a password. NOTE: Processing/sending takes place promptly, but can sometimes take a few hours.

You don’t have a SWL call sign yet? No problem. Then enter your firstname instead of. Your awards and dQSL cards will then also be issued for this name.

Please write a message: “Please send me a password for SWL access under the user name… (please enter the SWL call sign or if not given a name – usually the first name – here) to the email address I provided.”

Please enter your SWL call sign (or your name), email-address and security query 73+55=.

Currently no contact form for use! Please send an email with the above details to:


Content of the above data protection query: I agree that this website stores the data I provide so that it can respond to my request. You can find out more about how we use data in our privacy policy.

dQSL for SWL

For confirmation of a SWL report, we generally offer the SWL the download for a dQSL for each QSO (automatically recognized by the logbook server) of one of our 100FK-SES.


To fulfill the diploma requirements, SWLs must have received several special stations (SES) of the hamradio event 100FK. (points according to award rules) The SWL must manually enter their hearing reports on the 100FK logbook/diploma server for verification. Every single QSO data record is checked automatically and only those that have been clearly verified are included in the award application.

To prove that you heard the SES correctly, you must note 2 remote stations that had a QSO with this special station within 15 minutes.

For a valid SWL report you have to logged the SES call sign, date, time in UTC, band, mode and the call sign of the (first) remote station. In addition, a subsequent QSO must have been heard. However, it is sufficient to enter the call sign of the second remote station. NOTE: Both QSOs must have taken place within 15 minutes.

The Award points are confirmed automatically by the logbook/award server.

Please notice:
The logs from each SES are not always uploaded to the website immediately after the QSO. Therefore, it can take up to 24 hours until these QSOs are available on the server for verification with the SWL reports entered and, if they match, converted into award points. We recommend noting down 3 remote stations for each QSO. In the event of a hearing error, you still have a “reserve” remote station that could be offered for further server-side verification if necessary.

Access to your personal SWL award application
Enter your SWL call sign (or other LogIn name) and enter your received QSOs in the following form.

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