Thank you for now 250.000 QSOs

When we started on January 1st, we had no idea how long we would be able to maintain interest in the topic of the German Funk-Kartell and especially, of course, in the award program. But none of us could have imagined this QSO number that we have now achieved on the 110th day of our radio event a good three months ago.

We are all the more pleased to have struck a chord with many QSO partners and award hunters. This is the only way to interpret the jointly achieved QSO number of a quarter of a million, which is also supported by the fairly stable number of visitors to our website.

Until the end of the event, we promise to continue to meet all callers with commitment, care and joy and to prepare ourselves operationally with a lot of empathy for our counterparts and to keep our ears sharp so that as many callers as possible can successfully participate in the award program! And we would like to see continued fair calling conditions on our frequencies for the last 42 days – to the delight of all of us! Cuagn!

… And for everyone who has worked at least one of our awards, we have a little surprise at the end of the event (more on this) … soon