The local ham radio associations of the organizers of the 100FK event, S44 Mittweida, S54 Chemnitz-Süd and V13 Wismar University, celebrate in 2024 their individual 100-years-old historical roots. All founded in 1924, these radio clubs were active in the German Funk-Kartell. The centennial of these individual foundations is commemorated by the 100FK Sprint and Marathon Awards, described in the following.

Award Rules

The awards can be acquired by all licensed radio amateurs and SWL. To apply for an award, multiple QSOs must be made with the 100FK special event stations (SES). QSOs with the following 10 SES count for the 100FK award program (more in Teams):

D B 1 Ø Ø F K 
D C 1 Ø Ø F K 
D D 1 Ø Ø F K
D F 1 Ø Ø F K 
D L 1 Ø Ø F K
D M 1 Ø Ø F K
D Q 1 Ø Ø F K
D R 1 Ø Ø F K
D M 1 Ø Ø M W
D R 1 Ø Ø P E

100FK Sprint-Series of monthly Awards

100FK Sprint are monthly awards (5 over the entire promotional period) in a new layout every month. Only QSOs with our special stations are valid for these awards. Per Band and Mode once in the respective calendar month. Depending on mode the following QSO points count:

1 Punkt    – DIGITAL (z.B. RTTY, PSK, FT8, FT4)  NOTE if you have problems with FT4/FT8
2 Punkte – PHONE (z.B. USB, LSB, FM, Digital Voice)
3 Punkte – CW

Are necessary for Sprint:

BRONZE – 10 points with at least 2 different special stations
SILVER – 20 points with at least 4 different special stations
GOLD – 30 points with at least 6 different special stations

Note: The sprint awards are not offered for any specific mode! (see the FAQ)

100FK Award Marathon

For this award counts QSO once per band, mode and month. New every month and accumulating over the entire event period.

The award is issued in 3 classes. Are necessary for:

BRONZE – MIX / CW Mode – 50 points with at least 3 different special stations
SILVER – MIX / CW Mode – 100 points with at least 6 different special stations
GOLD – MIX / CW Mode – 150 points with at least 9 different special stations

In order to promote Mode CW, the award is also issued for pure telegraphy connections (Marathon CW) This also requires 50 / 100 / 150 points.

The awards are free of charge and can only be applied for and downloaded via the website https://100fk.de until December 31, 2024.

NOTE: The organizer reserves the right to exclude stations from awarding diplomas in the event of unsportsmanlike behavior or violations of applicable law.

Click here to your Award points, Downloads of your Awards and dQSL.

For the overview support at the station for the qualified award hunter!

in ANALOG: paper checklists by Joe, DL3VL and a variant by Tomas, DB4SNK.


In DIGITAL: Monthly Excel a sheet for overview. A project for 100FK by Bernd, DK4PL.

(click on graphic to download file)

Thank you Joe, Bernd and Tomas!

Award Rules for SWL

The awards can also be purchased by SWLs (with and without SWL registration number). For this purpose, several SWL reports must be proven. Every SWL report for one of our special stations must be verified with date, time, band, mode and 2 (!) remote stations. The second remote station must be in the SES log at a maximum interval of 15 minutes.

SWL’s must register and receive a password. This allows you to log into the logbook server and enter the logged QSOs. The log of our SES is checked automatically; a small time difference is tolerated. (more here)

NOTE: Please note that in exceptional cases it can take 24 hours until the QSOs from our SES have been uploaded to the website and checked automatically.

The rules correspond accordingly to the awards for the sending stations. The points achieved, the dQSL and the awards can also be downloaded via the corresponding website for the sending stations.

To your  SWL-Registration and to your personal SWL logbook.

Also for SWL >>> To your Award points, Downloads of your Awards and dQSL.