Results of 18 months of the German Funk-Kartell

On April 18th, on World Amateur Radio Day, we remember the founding congress of the IARU in Paris in 1925. A German group of the IARU was founded less than three weeks later on May 5th, 1925.

Perhaps it was this return of Germany to the international stage that accelerated the long-overdue abolition of the Audion-Versuchserlaubnis. When this became apparent on September 1, 1925, the end of the German Funk-Kartell was sealed, because the purpose of the cartel, the pooling of all forces to qualify registered broadcast listeners was history… What remains sensational, however, is what the protagonists of the broadcast and (ham)radio associations in have worked in Germany these 18 months: (Continue by clicking on the graphic)

… and of course the over 850,000 officially trained broatcasting listeners!

The end of the cartel purpose of the German Funk-Kartell led to a reorientation and thus to the merger with the Radio Technical Association (F.T.V.) in Berlin to form on July 28, 1925 the German Radio Technical Association (D.F.T.V.) / the forerunner of the DASD and thus today’s DARC. But that would be a new hamradio event…