MASTER award – our thank you

MASTER award download now ONLINE!

Important NOTE when calling up the MASTER download page:

  • Call up your award point query page and enter your call sign,
  • go to the end of the page to see the list of your previous award downloads.
  • Enter the name you want for the award printout here and
  • press the “Download award now” button.
  • NOW the download overview for the MASTER will also appear.

If this overview does not appear, please contact us!


No additional achievements are required for a MASTER, as it is a special final award (certificate). After May 31, 2024, the end of our 100FK event, this group of so-called MASTER awards will be available for download. With these we would like to thank every hamradio partner and SWL who has worked at least one of our 100FK awards for their activity and cooperation.

The MASTER awards are offered for the MIXED, PHONE, CW and DIGI modes. They document the number of QSOs made per mode, the award points achieved and the placement in the ranking. Since the master’s awards are not numbered, the download can be carried out easily until December 31, 2024.

The graphic designed on the MASTERs remains a surprise until it is downloaded…

Download is now in the time of from June 1st to December 31st, 2024 possible.


More by clicking on the graphic.

Download of the 21,000th award

The 21,000th award (including 338 SWL awards) was downloaded on May 22nd at 21 UTC, on the 143rd day of our hamradio event!

The number of awards that have already been earned is much higher, but is not recorded separately in statistics. It is in the order of 10-20%. The “unknown number” of awards that have already been worked is probably 25,000.


Our special offer for SWLs with and without a SWL-call sign (good for newcomers…) was positively received, even though the award conditions are quite demanding. So the SWL has to show real “achievement” for his award. For each QSO from one of our SES, he not only has to specify the opposite station, but also has to name another opposite station within a time window of 15 minutes! This is to ensure that the QSOs themselves were heard and that the log is not simply a transcript of cluster entries. In addition, the SWL must enter the QSO data they have heard on our award server via an account that they request from us, because this is where the automatic verification with subsequent award of award points takes place.

Despite these efforts, many SWLs from 12 countries have requested an access code for log entry. So far, 63 SWL accounts have been set up and 338 SWL awards have been downloaded. In addition to the awards, the SWL also downloads its QSL (dQSL) via this account. It couldn’t be more comfortable…

Our 300.000th QSO!

On May 21st, 2024 at 19:49 UTC, 300,000th QSOs since the beginning on January 1st, 2024 were loaded by Wolfram DL6AG/DM100MW onto the award server! On the 142nd day of the event. That’s an average of around 60,000 QSOs every month. And this despite the legal requirement (in Germany) that you are generally only allowed to be on air with a call sign once at a time. The QSO number would also be much higher if the propagation conditions in the last few weeks had cooperated. The YL/OMs in the DX area in particular had a much more difficult time fulfilling the diploma requirements.

That’s why we have special respect for the patience and perseverance shown by the operations, especially in such connections – on both sides!

… Also we can soon report a total of 21,000 award downloads. Of these, 338 are SWL awards.

…On May 22th 2024 at 21 UTC!!!


100 years of hamradio in Mittweida – celebration event on May 25, 2024

With the introduction of entertainment broadcasting in Germany, many radio and hamradio associations were founded in the early 1920s. (our Research/“Digital Bequests”)

On May 15, 1924, the “Association of Funkfreunde zu Mittweida e.V.” founded. You can find out more about this under About the beginnings in Mittweida 100 years ago. as well as under historical outline on the website of the club station DK0MIT. In a literally legendary list of 909 (!) call signs (as of February 1st, 2024) “Mittweidaer” XYL/OM and their ex call signs. (to the list PDF)

source: )

The 100th anniversary will be celebrated in style from May 24th to 26th, 2024 at Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences. (to the PROGRAM / in PDF)

On Saturday (May 25, 2024) from 10 a.m., in addition to the anniversary celebration, a small exhibition will be presented and the opportunity will be offered to visit the amateur radio club station currently operating under DM100MW.

All events take place in House 2 of the Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences (Technikumplatz 17). The highlight will be the festive event from 2 p.m.

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. / Ceremony “100 years of Funkverein Mittweida e.V.”
Location: University House 2, Room 2-102

After the public part, the radio amateurs associated with Mittweida meet for a cozy get-together in the Roter Hirsch in Claußnitz.


Location:  Hotel/Gasthof “Roter Hirsch”, Claußnitz

Further details on “Schedule and Process” (also as PDF)

Source: taken from the club station DK0MIT website


May – last month with SPRINT, MARATHON and FINAL award

The last month of our hamradio event began on May 1st. There is the possibility of workining a graphically redesigned series of SPRINT diplomas (bronze to gold).

The crowning achievement is the MASTER award, which will only be available for download from June 1, 2024. This is a completion certificate for every OP and SWL who has successfully earned at least one of our 100FK awards. It documents to the person (without carrying out additional activities) the number of QSOs made under the call sign, the number of diploma points calculated from them and the placement in the ranking. The MASTER is available in the MIXED, PHONE, CW and DIGITAL modes.

The graphic designed on the MASTERS remains a surprise until it is downloaded… (possible from June 1st to December 31st, 2024)

Thank you for now 250.000 QSOs

When we started on January 1st, we had no idea how long we would be able to maintain interest in the topic of the German Funk-Kartell and especially, of course, in the award program. But none of us could have imagined this QSO number that we have now achieved on the 110th day of our radio event a good three months ago.

We are all the more pleased to have struck a chord with many QSO partners and award hunters. This is the only way to interpret the jointly achieved QSO number of a quarter of a million, which is also supported by the fairly stable number of visitors to our website.

Until the end of the event, we promise to continue to meet all callers with commitment, care and joy and to prepare ourselves operationally with a lot of empathy for our counterparts and to keep our ears sharp so that as many callers as possible can successfully participate in the award program! And we would like to see continued fair calling conditions on our frequencies for the last 42 days – to the delight of all of us! Cuagn!

… And for everyone who has worked at least one of our awards, we have a little surprise at the end of the event (more on this) … soon

Video-QSL from Brasil

Later in the evening of April 12th (19-20 UTC) we were still able to make connections to South America on 10m as well as to DL stations, although these were of course much quieter and with a pronounced QSB. A lot of patience and longer calls are always required in order to be able to wait for the “loud” phase!!

DL100FK was with SSB on air and DF100FK tried CW a little bit later. Tony PY1AX sent us promptly this “Video-QSL” via email.

Tony had already accompanied us in a similar way at the event celebrating 90 years of “Aunt Ju” and thereby attracted attention to 90TJU in South America. 


DM100MW Easter Monday for the “DXpedition to Nassau”

For many years, DKØMIT goes on April 1st  on “DXpeditions in a special way”. The expedition destinations included (and this is not an April Fool’s joke!) America, Cameroon, Samoa and other distant-sounding regions. This year the team is following their wanderlust to Nassau

This year, the special call sign DM1ØØMW will be taken to the DXpedition to Nassau (not the one in the Caribbean, but the one in Saxony). The activity is scheduled from approximately 09 UTC to 15 UTC (note the daylight saving time change!). The exact start times depend on the specific conditions on site. The dQSLs (downloadable QSL via for QSO from Nassau will have a separately adapted QTH entry.

April 1st this year falls on Easter Monday. This is convenient because the day is a holiday. But the day is also inconvenient because some of the Top-OP are traveling with their families. This means that the club station can only travel with a smaller crew. For some, this will be the first time the OP has faced a pile-up like this. We ask for your understanding if things get a little bumpy in the pile-up.