Ranking of TOP 500

From now on we continue to offer a special performance presentation,  a ranking overview of the award points achieved in Mixed as well as in the main individual modes CW, Phone and Digi of the 500 call signs inclusive SWL (Top 500). NOTE: In order to be listed here, at least one of the completed awards must also have been downloaded.

Celebration of 100 years of the Chemnitz Radio Club

Exactly 100 years ago, Chemnitz was home to one of the first radio clubs in Germany as part of the “Deutsches Funk-Kartell”.

For this reason, an event on the history and visions of wireless communication will take place on February 1, 2024, in the Chemnitz University Library together with the OV Chemnitz-Süd S54. The event will be opened by the director of Chemnitz University Library.
Topics of the lectures:

100 years of Radioclub Chemnitz. From a radio craft club to a modern amateur radio club in Chemnitz
Carl Wilhelm Bangert: Mentor of radio in Central Germany and Chemnitz.
Amateur radio – from hobby to vocation.
The audion test permit. The Audion – practical function
Radio technology and the mobility of the future

As part of the activity “100 years of the German Radio Cartel” https://100fk.de/ the Chemnitz radio amateurs use the callsign DR100FK

Activity day on the founding day of the “Deutsches Funk-Kartell” exactly 100 years ago

January 24, 2024 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the German Funk-Kartell in 1924, the historic occasion of our radio event. With lively participation from all 10 special eventstations, this anniversary day was highlighted worldwide and award points were distributed on many bands in various modes. The result: almost 4.000 QSOs on this one day! A success that we also owe to our many QSO partners, whose nerve we have probably hit with this event as well as the 100FK award program. Thanks to all those involved who honored the cartel’s founding anniversary with their commitment and activity.

Sprint awards: now without imprint mixed mode

The imprint mixed mode will no longer appear on the sprint diplomas. Well considered and for good reason (see FAQ https://100fk.de/faqs) we don’t give the sprint awards for a special mode. The term mixed mode on all sprint awards was to be understood under this requirement. In some cases, however, it led to misunderstandings because it suggested that it could also be purchased in a different fashion. That’s why we’re not using this separate print from now on. So if you want, you can now download the diploma you have already acquired again without the mixed mode designation.